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Check out National Geographic Kids Dog Eared Book Blog for great book reviews written by kids who love books!

Or perhaps you are looking for some great new authors to read?  

Smiley Author

Christian Children's Author Jennifer Mauter Author of Illumination Station

Ohio Children's Author Linda K. Stanek Author of The Pig and Miss Prudence

Christian Children's Author Terri Burnell Author of The Garden of Eden Series

Aaron Hawkins Author of The Year Money Grew On Trees

Award Winning Author Laura Eckroat Author of The Life of Bud and A Simpler Time


Lisa A Tortorello Author of My Hero, My Ding   (A memoir just right for teens)

Teacher and author Judi Chesshir Author of MY Finny Fin Fin

Author Faith Tyding and her book A Little Yellow Star.

Author of the "Pete The Cat Series" Peg Kehret.

Children's Author Carolyn Findley Davis Author of A Star For Anana

Bill Kirk Author of a New Science Series The Sum of Our Parts.

Christian Author Mukkove Johnson author of Easter is For Jesus and Christmas is for Jesus  devotional books. for kids

Looking for a great site full of all things literary including writing, illustrationg, and publishing? Check out Harold Underdown's The Purple Crayon!


Be sure to check out Ask David as well where you will find a great selection of new and upcoming authors. And if you are an author yourself,  have your own work listed.