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If you like to make your own Christmas cards then feel free to use these fun poems written and used in my own Christmas projects.


A child was born long ago but not in the normal way.

His mother was a virgin; his bed a tuft of hay.

A star shone brightly in the sky leading foreign men

Who followed diligently the promise round the bend.

The shepherds came to praise him because angels said they should.

As people stood and watched this tiny newborn son,

They knew that they were witnessing God's Holy Chosen One.

It's the reason for the season; it's why we celebrate.

So lift your voice and raise your hands to show God's gift was great!


                                                                              A. Stewart



A thousand stars shone bright that night,

But one star stood apart.

The one that shone the brightest,

And spoke to wisemen's hearts.


Many angels sang that night,

But only shepherds heard

The call to see the baby,

God's Son, the Living Word.


There was no room in town that night.

A stable God did choose

Because he wished a humble birth

For the bringer of good news.


There was a celebration

To which no other can compare

Because the gift on that sweet night

Was God's child he chose to share.


                              A. Stewart




Opposite of honored,

You were a lowly Son.

Born in a stable,

For a room there was not one.


Sung to sleep by angels

Underneath the star lit sky,

You were the Holy Child

The Promise from on high.


Seen only by the shepherds,

The cattle, and the sheep,

None the less you are the gift

God wishes us to seek.


A. Stewart



Long ago the angels sang a song

of birthday joy.

A king was born, the lamb of God,

A precious baby boy.

He came to earth to set us free

From the bondage know as sin.

So lift your voice in remembrance

And praise him once again.


A. Stewart