Do you know what
fun and imaginative things you can create with just fingerprints? Neither did I until I borrowed a book from the library called Ed Emberley's Finger Print Drawing Book.  Find it online or see if your library has a copy!

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For Fathers Day I looked around to find the perfect craft, but couldn't quite find what I wanted. I saw this really cute shirt and tie envelope but  my husband doesn't wear a shirt and tie. No problems though; I'm creative and just modified it to be a polo and shorts.  All you need is a regular sized envelope, some construction paper (I used paint chip samples), a hole punch, some glue, a marker, and a candy bar. This would also make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift!


Slit one end of the envelope open and then seal the back. Next, cut about an  inch line down the front of the open end and fold down flaps.

Use the hole punch to make buttons for the shirt and paste them on. Then cut a square of colored paper the width of the envelope and about  two inches tall and glue on for the pants. A small thin piece for a belt and a small square for a buckle. Use your maker to draw a line for legs and the middle of the buckle. And last but not least, add your candy bar.